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Wi-Fi 7 MCS Table

WWC Toronto 2023 – Summary

Multi-threading vs Multi-processing programming in Python

Sequential vs Asynchronous programming in Python

Mist AP SSID on/off with MicroController

How to Establish a Console Connection to a Juniper SRX with an AirConsole

How to Make a Raspberry Pi Pico Wi-Fi capable?

What’s in our APoS Kit?

An Introduction to MicroPython

BLE Advertisment channels

Popular IoT Protocols

The Use of Regular Expressions in Python

Git 101: Starting a New Project with the Command Line

WLPC Presentation – Wi-Fi DevOps

Wi-Fi Eavesdropping

What is Wi-Fi DevOps?

Ventev TW-HWM-C-CVR AP Bracket

Oberon 1312-AM Modular AP Bracket

Oberon 1008-00-WH AP Bracket

Oberon 900-HC AP Bracket

Electrical Box AP Installation

Calculate 802.11 Retry Rate with Wireshark

Make your macOS Terminal Cool

Starting my Journey at SemFio

Streaming Mist Location Data using the WebSocket API

Python – Auto Rename Cable Notes in Ekahau

Ventev Co-Location Mount fo Cisco 9100 and Aruba 500 Series

6GHZ Free Space Path Loss

Ekahau Template Reporting – Export Project Note Pictures

IEEE 802.11 Timeline – Update 2021

6GHz Regulations in Canada

FragAttacks – What do we need to do about it?

API Call to Enable Mist AP Name Broadcast

Python – Update AP Model Name in Ekahau

Python – Auto-Populate Tag Values in Ekahau Pro

Establish a Console Connection within a Python script with pySerial

Configure a Cisco IOS-XE AP for an APoS Site Survey using Python

Analyze an API Call directly within your browser

Mist – API Call within a Python Script

Assessing the Wi-Fi Network of a Warehouse

Python – Extract AP Pictures from an Ekahau Project

London ON Wi-Fi Meetup 001 – Wi-Fi 6

The 802.11ax Trigger Frame

Wireshark – Find out the data rate of an 802.11ax Data Frame

Wi-Fi Design Day – Sydney

WLAN Pi – Bridge Wi-Fi Hotspot to Ethernet Interface

802.11ax Remote Packet Captures using the Jetson Nano

Customize your WLAN Pi

Python – How to Connect to a Cisco WLC (Aireos)

WLAN Pi – Setup a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Setup Cisco Catalyst 9800 Controller On Your Laptop

MCS Table (Updated with 802.11ax Data Rates)

Wi-Fi Security Timeline (2019)

My Wi-Fi Expectations and Wishes for 2019

5GHz Regulations in Canada (2018 Update)

Finding our Purpose Working as a Wi-Fi Engineer

The State of 6GHz in Canada

DFS Operations Infographic

Retrieving the Scale from a CAD File in AutoCAD

Preparing Floor Plans for Ekahau in AutoCAD

Free Space Path Loss Diagrams

Talking Warehouse Wi-Fi at WLPC

Aruba Controller Upgrade Checklist

Convert a Cisco CAPWAP AP to a Mobility Express AP

Configure a Cisco Mobility Express AP for an APoS Site Survey

IEEE 802.11 Standards & Amendments Timeline

The 2017 Magic Quadrant is out!

Fully understand KRACK in 2h

KRACK – Is it the end of WPA2?

60GHz Regulations in Canada

Reference Sheet – ArubaOS Most Useful Commands

RWN: Introduction to Wi-Fi – Free Videos

Wireshark: How to check if a Wi-Fi network supports 802.11k

How to check if a client device supports 802.11v

Wireshark: How to check if a Wi-Fi network supports 802.11v

Reference Guide – Cisco AireOS Most Useful Commands

How to get ready to validate a Wi-Fi infrastructure

Motion Detection System creating Interesting Interference

New Logo & Website for SemFio Networks

Interference that looks like Wi-Fi but is not (Televic Conference System)

My CWNE Journey

Site Survey Tip #2

Easily use AirConsole on MacOSX

Use built in MAC OS FTP Server to export Cisco WLC configuration

Co-Channel Contention (CCC) explained with simple drawings

Site Survey Tip #1

Setup FreeRADIUS on Kali Linux for 802.1X Authentication

Wireshark – Most Common 802.11 Display Filters

Site Survey – Labelling AP’s location on ceiling without a stepladder

“Problem” is not a negative word

Citywide Site Survey using TamoGraph

Industry Canada new 5GHz band regulations

Upgrade your Cisco WLC to AireOS 8.1

Wireshark: How to check if a data frame is sent using 802.11n

We are TechAlliance’s Spotlight of the month!

Make Wi-Fi Visible S02E01 – Omnidirectionnal Antennas

Wi-Fi Security Timeline

Make Wi-Fi Visible – Season 1 Recap

Make Wi-Fi Visible #6 – Radio Frequency Absorption

Make Wi-Fi Visible #5 – Radio Frequency Scattering

Make Wi-Fi Visible #4 – Radio Frequency Diffraction

Make Wi-Fi Visible #3 – Radio Frequency Refraction

Make Wi-Fi Visible #2 – Radio Frequency Reflection

Make Wi-Fi Visible #1 – Radio Frequency Propagation

Top 5 reasons why business owners need to provide Free Wi-Fi to their customers

The London Free Press is talking about SemFio Networks

5GHz Band Channel Availability in Canada

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