Ekahau Template Reporting – Export Project Note Pictures

In this article, we will show how to export the project note pictures into our template reports.

It seems like it would be something easy but it is actually a little tricky.


In Ekahau Pro, you can add project notes to your project by navigating to Project / Project Notes menu:

You can then add a picture or pictures to the project notes. You could, for instance, add a picture of the building your are surveying or add the logo of your customer.

Then, the question is: How do I retrieve this picture in my report using the template report feature of Ekahau?


Here are the tags you would need if you want to extract that picture into your report using the template report feature of Ekahau:

Here is the code if you want to copy and paste it:

<#”loop-start”: {“type”: ”project-notes”}#>

<#“loop-start”: {“type”: “note-images”}#>


<#“loop-end”: {“type”: “note-images”}#>

<#”loop-end”: {“type”: ”project-notes”}#>

In this case, we will export the picture with a size of 150 millimetre wide. You can adjust this by changing the value of the “width-in-millis” value of the “note-image” tag.


Here is what the generated report will look like:

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