Starting my Journey at SemFio

I, Amin Sedighfar, am writing this text after finishing my first few months at SemFio Networks.

I was born and grew up in Iran, my hometown is Tehran, and now I am thirty-three years old. In my country, I got both my BSc and MSc in telecommunications engineering; my technical field was “telecommunication systems”, and also I published two papers on IEEE conferences proceedings about “estimation theory”.
I started my first job as an employee in an extremely big company in my country when I was 19 while studying for my bachelor’s degree. Job responsibilities were not sophisticated, repairing telephone sets, installing mobile radios on cars, running cables, and the like. Even though it seemed simple, I have learned more and more every day and literally tried not to have two days the same. I have grabbed each and every chance that I had to ask my old colleagues to teach me something, and I was always eager to learn new things. After finishing my BSc and gaining enough experience, I was offered a higher position; then, I got promoted. I worked so hard to fulfill all of my tasks impeccably, and the director has given me “carte blanche” as long as he was sure I was increasing the company’s profits. Finally, I left that company after twelve years of designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing telecommunication equipment in December 2020.

On January 6th, 2021, I came to Canada as an international student to study “Wireless Telecommunications” at Humber College.

Four months ago, right after graduation from that course, I was hired by François Vergès as a Wireless Network Engineer. As I had enough experience in dealing with telecommunication devices before joining this company, therefore, in the beginning, nothing sounded challenging to me, and I was supposed to learn Python scripting. However, Wi-Fi concepts, Mist APs videos, Ekahau survey app, and the like were adding up quickly. As time passed, I have faced new things to do or learn every day; I was happy and upset simultaneously. On one hand, training is to brains what fertilizer is to plants, on the other hand, sometimes learning new stuff is like a daunting task for me. Thereupon I tried to bite the bullet, and by leveraging the first point of view, my tolerance level was boosted, which helped me walk through this initial period. One month after starting this job, my understanding of responsibilities increased, and I began to enjoy this career. The more I worked, the better I became. Besides, my boss is like a sympathetic teacher. He taught everything with patience and let me do everything to be encountered by errors and be forced to find their solutions. My first experience of going outside, as I work from home, was fortunately with him, and obviously, there was nothing to be worried about, just peace of mind since I was sure that if I missed something, he would catch it.
Personally, traveling is one of my biggest hobbies. On my first days, there were some short conversations about some jobs outside of Toronto, the first one was in London, Ontario, early morning till evening and commuting by train, so I looked at it as a leisure activity; therefore, it changed to something joyful for me to do. Moreover, I got acquainted with friendly new people. A month and a half after that, we went to Montreal for 15 days; he was there only for three days and returned to Toronto. I would say the journey is just started! Being alone in an extremely vast site, working with people speaking in French, a deadline for finishing the project, not being an expert in the software, and so on are all exacerbating my stress level. Conversely, it turned out it was fun! In fact, talking and meeting with new people every day was an awesome opportunity by which my self-confidence was leveled up.

Having said all of the above, I have a marvelous feeling about being in this company. I can go to meetings and on-site on my own, which is one of my mindsets when I was about to be a part of SemFio. All in all, I would like to continue working with them, so will strive my best to soar the company’s income and reputation.


Post by Amin Sedighfar

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