Finding our Purpose Working as a Wi-Fi Engineer

November 12, 2018

François Vergès

job, purpose



It feels good to be able to do what you like, it feels even better when there is a purpose in doing it. That is often something I ask myself when working on different projects for different customers. Am I making a difference? Who will benefit from my work? Who am I designing or installing Wi-Fi for?

I have found that our main purpose is to help the end users, perform their work in an easier way. This could be; helping a nurse providing care, a banker moving money around, a school teacher sharing  knowledge, a journalist reporting news, a warehouse worker moving goods or even sport fans supporting  their team.

The end users will be the ones using the Wi-Fi, enjoying the Wi-Fi, taking advantage of the Wi-Fi and maybe sometimes cursing the Wi-Fi. They are the reason why we do what we do. This is why, as a Wi-Fi Engineer, I always try to keep them in mind while designing, installing and troubleshooting a Wi-Fi network.

Focusing on the end user experience helps me to put the human factor back into the game. I consider it a very important part of my work.

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