Make Wi-Fi Visible – Season 1 Recap

As 2014 is ending today, this makes it the perfect day to do a recap of the first season of Make Wi-Fi Visible. This series of articles is aimed to explain Wi-Fi concepts using the light analogy.

The first season focused on the major Radio Frequency (a.k.a. RF) properties. Since both Wi-Fi and light are made of electromagnetic waves, the idea was to use light to have a visual idea of what these RF properties are and how they can affect our Wi-Fi networks.

Here is a recap of each episode. Feel free to click on the links provided to read the full episodes. Comments and feedbacks are always welcomed :)!

Propagation is the idea that a radio frequency electromagnetic wave is losing energy as it travels away from its source.

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Radio frequency reflection occurs when the electromagnetic wave encounters a flat surface and is reflected with a loss of energy.

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Refraction occurs when a radio wave is moving to a medium having a different density.

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Radio waves tend to bend around sharp objects creating a new wave front. This phenomena is called diffraction. This allows the waves to go around an object and still reach a receiver.

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Scattering happens when the diffusion of the signal is reflected in multiples directions when hitting an uneven surface.

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Absorption is the fact that a radio wave loses some of its energy going through a medium or an obstacle.

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As of today, I am happy to announce that season #2 of Make Wi-Fi Visible will be released in 2015! This second series of articles will focus on antennas.

Happy new year 2015!
Bonne année à tous!

Written by François Vergès

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