Setup FreeRADIUS on Kali Linux for 802.1X Authentication

This following video explains how to setup a FreeRADIUS server on Kali Linux. The objective is to use the FreeRADIUS server as an 802.1X authentication server for a simple Wi-Fi network infrastructure.

This solution is very cheap and ideal for home labs or small businesses that want to be able to use the very secured 802.1X authentication for their Wi-Fi networks.

Here is the setup I have used in the lab to test the solution:

  • 1x virtual machine running Kali Linux 4.0
  • 1x Cisco router
  • 1x Cisco WLC 2504 controller
  • 1x Cisco AP 1702
  • 1x Aruba controller 651
  • 1x Aruba AP 105
  • 1x MacBook Air running MacOS 10.11.1
  • 1x Asus Laptop running Windows 8

For this test, we have used the EAP-PEAP[EAP-MSCHAPv2] EAP method. However, you can use other EAP methods with FreeRADIUS. For more details, feel free to have a look at FreeRADIUS documentations.

The following drawing explains how the 802.1X authentication using EAP-PEAP[EAP-MSCHAPv2] works:
You can download the presentation slides used in the video by clicking on the link bellow:

This is my first tutorial video, don’t hesitate to give me your feedbacks and thank you again for watching!

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