Ventev Co-Location Mount fo Cisco 9100 and Aruba 500 Series

For one of the project we are working on, we are planning on using a nice co-location mount from Ventev. It will allow us to install both an AP and an external antenna at the end of an electrical conduit. It is a very nice option available is you need to significantly lower down the AP/Antenna combo from a high ceiling.

You can find more details about this bracket on Ventev’s website:

We had the chance to test the bracket and recorded a couple of videos on how to mount APs onto the bracket.

The following video explains how to mount an Aruba AP 500 series onto the co-location mount:

The following video explains how to mount a Cisco Catalyst 900 series AP onto the co-location mount:

Note: Both APs used in these videos are APs with integrated antennas. These APs were just used to showcase the installation process. In a real-world deployment, APs supporting external antennas ought to be used with this bracket.

Feel free to share these videos if you find them useful!

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