Wireshark – Most Common 802.11 Display Filters

I often use Wireshark as my go to packet analyzer. I like it but I feel like I always forget what the display filters are. So I always find myself searching them online over and over again. So I have decided to create a reference sheet I could store and share on the blog.

Feel free to download and use the reference sheet as much as you want. I have voluntarily left some blank spaces so we can make it better all together. So don’t hesitate to share your feedbacks with me.

​Click on the image to open the PDF version:


To wrap up this article, I might as well share with you some tips I use on “my Wireshark”:

  • Use of colours: I added the Metageek Eye P.A. colours to my Wireshark. It helps breaking apart 802.11 frames. Follow this link to do it on yours: Metageek Eye P.A. colours in Wireshark
  • Use of additional columns: I added some 802.11 related columns to the default setup including “Signal Strength”, “Data Rate”, “Channel Used” and “MCS Index”)

Here is how it looks:

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